Orange County CBD Edibles 1200mg 150g


Orange County CBD Edibles you can choose from cubes, bears or bottles. 1200mg / 150-160g.

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Orange County CBD’s story is truly inspirational. Two friends decided to embark on an adventure that took them all the way to California. There, they discovered the incredible healing properties of CBD. With hearts full of inspiration, they brought that knowledge back to the UK to help others benefit from it too. Today, their label has become known for creating incredible supplements that change people’s lives.

Their plant-powered gummies are not only infused with 1200mg of broad-spectrum cannabidiol, but they’re also unbelievably delicious. With each bite, you’ll be reminded of the determination and passion that led these two friends on their journey. Try Orange County CBD’s supplements today and discover the inspiration that comes with living a healthier life.

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Strawberries (150g), Worms (160g), Cherry (150g), Bears (125g), Mixed Fruit Bottles (135g), Mixed Fruit Cubes (135g)


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